Cellular Automata


Five Cellular Automata  v.7 70

A cellular automaton consists of: (a) A structure of cells, such as the squares on a chess board. (b) A set of values or 'states' such that each cell is associated with a particular state.

Cellular Automata Rules  v.1.0

Analyze nearby neighbor rules with this tool. Cellular Automata Rules is a simple, very convenient,


Celeste Cellular Automaton Simulator  v.2012.02.02

Celeste is a tiny and simple Cellular Automata simulator written in Java.

FlOw  v.8.0.22

A simple game for Win32 based machines based on a cellular automata algorithm which mimics the properties of a liquid.

Seurat  v.1.0.1

Process images with this application. Seurat offer you an image processing tool that will use Hodgepodge cellular automata and cyclic space to operate on images.Please Note: this software is a Java Web Start Application,

Conway\'s Game of Life  v.0.4.1

A lightweight and fast implementation of Conway's Game of Life and related cellular automata.

MASyV  v.0.11

MASyV (Multi-Agent System Visualization) enables one to write agent-based models/cellular automata, eg.

CellFighter ScreenSaver  v.1.2

This screen saver is based on an amusing extension of the Game of Life: fidgety swarms of tiny critters wage a war for the screen space. You can change colors and forms of the critters, choose a speed, an intensity and a scenario of their battle.



MathGrapher  v.2.0

Mathgrapher is a mathematical graphing tool for 2D and 3D functions and data. The mathematical graphing tool for students, scientists and engineers. Draw and analyse Functions and Data in 2D and 3D. Draw surface graphs,

Sand Dust  v.

A logic game consisting in placing the grains of sand in the corresponding cups on the board. During the game you can create platforms, appropriately change the colours of the grains,

Prenzl!!  v.32


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